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USLNG Exports: Changing the World
The United States is now the world’s leading natural gas producer and will soon become the third biggest gas exporter. USLNG has many global benefits. It lifts millions of people out of poverty. It improves air quality. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions. It provides greater energy security. It creates a more robust global natural gas market. And, USLNG supports hundreds of thousands of U.S. jobs and adds billions to the economy. –Fred H. Hutchison, LNG Allies

USLNG Benefits: Energy Prosperity
One billion people don’t have access to electricity and many more suffer from inadequate supply. Fortunately, USLNG is making a difference. In more than three dozen nations, USLNG is used to heat and power homes and cook meals. It brings dependable electricity to schools and hospitals, powers businesses, and creates jobs. USLNG also saves lives and contributes to a healthier environment. –Dipka Bhambhani, United States Energy Association

USLNG Benefits: Energy Security
The global market and geostrategic implications of USLNG are profound. Because USLNG has destination flexibility and no exorbitant “take-or-pay” requirements, it is reordering international trade flows and challenging existing suppliers and business models. In addition, USLNG is increasing energy security in Eastern Europe and other regions by diversifying supply sources. –Monika Simões, Energy Dialogues

USLNG Benefits: Low Carbon Energy
USLNG exports are helping to address the most urgent and important challenge of our time–global climate change. How is that possible? Primarily by displacing high-carbon fuels with lower-carbon U.S. natural gas. As already proven in the United States, natural gas is an essential element of a powerful, low-carbon energy system comprised primarily of gas, renewables, and energy conservation. USLNG is truly changing the world for the better. –Fred H. Hutchison, LNG Allies

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