DOE Final Small-Scale LNG Rule

LNG Allies Supports Final DOE Rule to Expedite Small-Scale LNG Export Projects

WASHINGTON — July 24, 2018 —The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today made public its final rule to issue, “without modification or delay,” small-scale permits to export of liquefied natural gas (LNG). Thus, the new rule covers both countries which have free trade agreements with the United States and those that do not. (Exports would continue to be prohibited to “sanctioned” nations.) DOE Final Rule

Fred H. Hutchison, President & CEO of LNG Allies, had this reaction: “The Natural Gas Act of 1938, as amended, presumes that exports of natural gas to non-free trade agreement nations are ‘in the public interest’ unless DOE finds otherwise after an adjudication. DOE has appropriately decided that it does not need to continue to conduct such time-consuming and costly reviews for small-scale projects with minimal/no environmental impacts.”

“The U.S. LNG export community applauds this action by the Energy Department. The recent DOE study of the impacts of LNG exports (Macroeconomic Outcomes of Market Determined Levels of U.S. LNG Exports) shows that LNG exports—at all levels—benefit the U.S. economy and American consumers, ” Hutchison said. “Eliminating public interest reviews for small-scale LNG projects is a great first step in the right direction,” he concluded.

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LNG Allies is a nonprofit organization working to expedite and maximize LNG exports to create U.S. jobs and economic growth, enhance the energy security of America’s allies, and improve human and environmental conditions worldwide.

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