Small-Scale LNG Can Reduce Flaring

A Way to Halt Natural Gas Flaring Arrives on the Back of a Truck (Bloomberg Green)
Anna Shiryaevskaya and Naureen Malik (Jan. 31): For small gas fields uneconomical or too distant to connect to a traditional pipeline network, a small-scale LNG plant (Cryobox) is a solution to absorb fuel that would otherwise be wasted. That also makes it a way to prevent greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming and solve a growing problem for the industry… Cryobox is a product of Edge Gathering Virtual Pipelines 2. It’s backed by compressor maker Galileo Technologies (Argentina) and Blue Water Energy (London), a private-equity investor managing $2.5 billion… Thomas Sikorski, founding partner at Blue Water Energy: “The solution is like an Uber for LNG. Trucks with Cryoboxes can run back and forth.” Edge’s Cryobox can produce as much as 15 metric tons (10,000 gallons) a day of LNG. The rig can be moved between wells and can be up and running within an hour of arriving on site. Peak production is reached in 10 minutes, which is much quicker than the 18 hours it takes for some big conventional liquefaction plants… By the end of the year, the company aims to have a total of 26 Cryoboxes deployed. Link to Content  |  Link to Edge LNG Website

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