Revised EIA LNG Study to be Released Shortly

When DOE announced in late May that it was proposing major changes to the procedures governing the “public interest” process used to grant licenses to export LNG from the United States to nations without free trade agreements, (non-FTA nations), it also announced that the Energy Information Administration (EIA) would update its 2012 economic impacts study.

The announcement stated that an “economic study in order to gain a better understanding of how potential U. S. LNG exports between 12 and 20 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) could affect the public interest. Using more recent data from sources like the Annual Energy Outlook 2014, the [EIA] will update its 2012 LNG Export Study, which only looked at export cases of 6 and 12 Bcf/d.”

According to EIA sources, that study is nearing completion and is expected to be made public within the next few days. LNG Allies has asked and EIA Administrator Adam Sieminski has agreed to address a breakfast seminar sponsored by us to provide details of the updated study. It is anticipated that this meeting will occur sometime in early November. Stay tuned for details.

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