EU ‘All Renewable’ Hydrogen Opposed

Industry Alliance Rebels Against ‘All-Renewable’ Hydrogen (EURACTIV)
Frédéric Simon (June 25): A group of industries have rebelled against EU plans to prioritize renewables-based hydrogen, saying gas-based hydrogen should also be promoted in order to ramp up production volumes in the early stages of development. The EU’s current definition of “clean hydrogen” is too narrow and should be broadened, taking a technology-neutral approach, the group argues in a letter sent to the European Commission on Wed. (24 June). “Renewables will emerge as a leading source for the production of hydrogen in the long run. Until we get there, the EU must seize existing opportunities and that means using all sources of clean hydrogen,” said James Watson, who chairs the steering committee of GasNaturally, a campaign group from the natural gas sector which was among the 33 signatories of the letter. The industry alliance is led by oil and gas companies such as Equinor, ENI, ExxonMobil. Energy trade associations are also represented, including Eurogas, Fuels Europe, Gas Infrastructure Europe, and IOGP. But it also includes trade associations such as the European steel association Eurofer and the European ceramics industry association Cerame-Unie, which are seen as potential big consumers of hydrogen. Link to Content > Link to Letter

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