Praise for Phase I Trade Deal

Phase I U.S.-China Trade Deal – Movement in the Right Direction for LNG

WASHINGTON — Dec. 13, 2019 —The United States and China have announced a “Phase I” trade deal that resolves some of the issues in dispute between the two nations. Fred H. Hutchison, President & CEO of LNG Allies, issued the following statement in reaction:

“While details of the Phase I deal are still emerging, it is clear that this is ‘movement in the right direction’ for LNG and hopefully will help rekindle the relationship between China and the United States when it comes to trade in natural gas. America is destined to become the world’s top LNG exporter and China the top importer. Hopefully, today’s deal will lead to China reducing or removing its tariffs on U.S. LNG and encourage the types of long-term commercial contracts and/or investments that benefit both sides.”

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