Old Opponents Continue to Oppose LNG Exports

The Industrial Energy Consumers of America (IECA) sent a letter to President Obama on Tue. Jan. 06 urging him and his administration to not support any action that would expedite LNG exports.

IECA specifically asked the President to: (1) refrain from any further approvals of applications to export LNG to non-FTA countries; (2) veto any legislation that fast-tracks LNG export application approvals… or automatically approves LNG exports to WTO countries; and (3) attach terms and conditions to all LNG export approvals that protect the domestic consumer if domestic prices sharply rise or if the economy becomes weighed down with greater costs than benefits from LNG exports.

A second letter opposing LNG export legislation was sent by 114 environmental and health groups to DOE Secretary Moniz on Dec. 22. It states that LNG export bills, “would undermine [DOE’s] ability to fully assess the environmental and public health impacts of LNG… and endorsement of such [bills] would directly contradict President Obama’s pledge to reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions.”

The Hill quoted Kate DeAngelis (Friends of the Earth), saying that “support for these bills would ‘signal’ to the energy industry that the administration backs more investment, more fracking and more greenhouse gas emissions.”

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