Challenges to the Future of LNG

Decarbonization, Affordability, and Profitability (OIES)
Jonathan Stern (Oct. 16): Decarbonization should be very much on the radar of new LNG projects currently taking FID, commissioning around 2024-25 and planning to operate up to 2050. The LNG community needs to replace an ‘advocacy’ message—based on the generality of emissions from combustion of natural gas being lower than from other fossil fuels—with certified data on carbon and methane emissions from specific elements of the value chain for individual projects. As carbon reduction targets tighten over the coming decade, LNG cargoes which do not have value chain emissions certified by accredited authorities, or which fail to meet defined emission levels, run the risk of progressively being deemed to have a lower commercial value and eventually being excluded from jurisdictions with the strictest standards. There will be no place in this process for confidentiality; nothing less than complete transparency of data and methodologies will be acceptable.

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