SNL: APGA Changes Tune on Exports

APGA Changes Tune on LNG Exports (SNL / S&P Global)
SNL reporter Rachel Adams-Heard writes (Apr. 12) that Bert Kalisch, president and CEO of the American Public Gas Association, “has had a change of heart toward LNG exports, which he once saw as a threat to domestic consumers who could see higher prices as U.S. supply is shipped overseas…

We did oppose it, and we were active in our opposition,” Kalisch told attendees of the LDC Gas Forum in Atlanta on April 12… [but] I think that this export market is going to serve our industry well. I think it will actually dampen volatility going forward.”

Of course, not everyone has pivoted… Adams-Heard quotes Paul Cicio, president of the Industrial Energy Consumers of America, as saying: “We are more concerned than ever about the impact of the substantial increase of LNG exports coming down the pipe… As manufacturers, we’re competing with global competition, and LNG exports directly impact our competitiveness, and it impacts our jobs. Cicio said the argument against LNG exports could pick up traction in the Trump administration, which speaks often about nationalist policies. “These excessive LNG exports are inconsistent with President Trump’s ‘America first’ agenda to increase the jobs in the manufacturing sector,” Cicio said. Full story: Click Here.

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