Sinopec to More Than Double LNG Capacity

China’s Sinopec group, parent of Sinopec Corp., aims to more than double its receiving capacity of LNG over the next six years and lift domestic shale gas production by two thirds by 2020… Sinopec will have 60 bcm of natural gas supply capacity, which includes both imports and domestic production, by 2023, the group said (02 April). It produced 27 bcm of gas in 2017. The group plans to add new receiving facilities for LNG along China’s east coast to a total of 26 mtpa by 2023, up from the current 9 mtpa including the recently launched terminal in Tianjin. “We are going to expand (Qingdao) Dongjiakou terminal to 8 mtpa and then 10 to 12 mtpa by phases, same with Tianjin,” Dai Zhaoming, the group’s head of development and planning, told reporters, adding that expansion projects will only need local authorities’ approval. Link to Content

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