IEA: Birol Joins G7 Energy Ministerial

IEA Joins Meeting of G7 Energy Ministers In Rome (IEA)
Dr Fatih Birol,  executive director of the International Energy Agency joined energy ministers from the G7 nations—Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, United States—(and the EU energy commissioner) in Rome on Apr. 9-10. Topics discussed included energy security, with a focus on the role of LNG in improving market flexibility, as well as energy efficiency and technology as drivers for competitiveness. The ministers acknowledged that G7 countries should play a leading role in facilitating investments in secure and sustainable energy including strengthening efforts in energy research and development. Birol gave a keynote at the opening dinner, covering a range of topics [… and] stressed that while a wave of new LNG supply, led by Australia and the US, will improve the ability of the system to react to potential demand or supply shocks, security of gas supply cannot be taken for granted.”  IEA News Release: Click Here.

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