Gallup: U.S. Energy Concerns Low

Gallup polling finds that 25% of American adults are greatly concerned about energy prices and access, which is the lowest level—albeit by a hair—in 18 years of their polling on the question. Politico (02 April): A new survey finds Americans do not prioritize an increase in U.S. oil, gas and coal supplies. Gallup found 34% of Americans say the U.S. should place a higher priority on increasing energy supplies than to protecting the environment, while 59% say the reverse. And by a nearly 2-to-1 margin, Americans would rather focus on conservation and development of alternative energy than on producing more traditional forms of fuel, the survey found. Specifically, the poll found 73% prefer a focus on developing alternative energy sources like solar and wind power, while 21% favor one that targets more oil, gas and coal production. While Republicans still prefer a focus on alternative energy to traditional energy sources, the gap is 10 points: 51% to 41%. Democrats, meanwhile, favor alternative energy by 88% to 9%. The poll was conducted March 1-8 among a random sample of 1,041 adults.

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