Argus: Cove Point Test Cargoes

Cove Point LNG Seeks DOE Approval to Export Test Cargoes (Argus)
Argus reports (Apr. 12) that Dominion wants to export test cargoes from the Cove Point LNG terminal it is completing near Lusby, Maryland… and has applied to DOE for a license to export up to a gas equivalent of 250 billion cubic feet (Bcf_, or about 5.3 million tons of LNG, over a two-year period beginning when the first test cargo is exported. The first export is expected in the Q4 2017 but it could be delayed by up to six months, into Q2 2018. DOE has authorized Cove Point to export up to 5.75 mtpa to non-FTA nations (20 years) and up to 7.5 mtpa (30 years) to FTA countries once the project is placed into operation. Entire story: Click Here.

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