ADN: Alaska LNG on Global Radar

Walker Says Alaska LNG On World Leaders’ Radars (Alaska Daily News)
ADN reports that Alaska Gov. Bill Walker continues to court world leaders for Alaska’s giant gas-export project, saying Tues. (Apr. 11) that he personally put in a plug with President Trump and is now trying to meet with Japan’s prime minister, following recent talks with the Chinese president. Whether the high-level efforts boost the fortunes of the $45 billion project, known as Alaska LNG, is yet to be seen. Walker had proposed a Sept. 1 deadline to line up critical business partners before pulling the plug on the costly undertaking. On Apr. 11, he said he was hopeful the prominent attention would lead to financial commitments to push the proposal into construction. He didn’t back off the deadline, though he seemed to keep his options open. Full story: Click Here.

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