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USLNG Industry
June 29, 2020

USLNG Basics

The Basics of USLNG – How it’s Sold and Why It Matters (NGI, Subscription) Jamison Cocklin (June 29): How is LNG priced in the United States, and what attracted buyers to travel even farther across the sea for it? The heart of the answer lies in the commercial structures at export terminals along the Gulf […]

USLNG Industry
June 29, 2020

Feedgas to USLNG Projects Rises

USLNG Industry: Feedgas Rebounds (S&P Global) USLNG feedgas demand is rebounding from a 14-month low. While additional cargo cancellations already announced for July and Aug. are likely to keep the pressure on feedgas demand this summer, stronger autumn JKM prices by Sept.-Oct. could fuel a rapid recovery in exports… The uptick in liquefaction activity has […]

June 26, 2020

LNG by Rail Opportunities

Small Scale: Energy Industry Eyes New Opportunities for LNG by Rail (Chron) Sergio Chapa (June 23): Energy companies are eyeing exports to Mexico and other opportunities after federal officials approved regulatory changes that will allow shipments of LNG by rail… Jill Evanko, Chart CEO: “Rail typically has a fee per trip per car; highway is […]

USLNG Industry
June 3, 2020

USLNG Cargo Cancellations Swell

Cancellations Swell With Storage Space Vanishing (Bloomberg) Stephen Stapczynski and Anna Shiryaevskaya (May 21): All USLNG projects could get requests to cancel a total of 35-45 cargoes for July loading, which is higher than the number of shipments scrapped for June, traders surveyed by Bloomberg News estimated. That means more than half of the average […]

USLNG Industry
May 29, 2020

USLNG Gas Flows Decline

Gas Deliveries to USLNG Export Facilities Decline to Lowest Level Since Oct. 2019 (EIA) Natural gas deliveries to USLNG export facilities declined to 5.6 bcf/d on May 24 and averaged 6.7 bcf/d from May 1 through May 26, according to data by IHS Markit. This was the lowest level of LNG feedgas deliveries since October […]

USLNG Industry
February 19, 2020

USLNG Exports – December 2019

Link to All Charts for December 2019 > Click Here Major Developments in December 2019 First cargo from Elba Island. First cargo to Bangladesh. Cameron and Freeport continue ramp-up. Top Five Destinations in December 2019 So. Korea, 38.1 bcf United Kingdom, 29.7 bcf Japan, 21.2 bcf France, 14.8 bcf Spain, 13.9 bcf Others: Netherlands, Italy, […]

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