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June 22, 2020

KBR to Exit LNG Business

KBR: To Exit LNG and Other Energy Projects (Reuters) Jennifer Hiller (June 22): KBR will exit most of its LNG construction and other energy project… The company will refocus on government contracts and technology businesses, CEO Stuart Bradie wrote to employees on Mon. (June 22). It will “no longer engage in lump sum, blue collar […]

USLNG Industry
February 19, 2020

USLNG Exports – December 2019

Link to All Charts for December 2019 > Click Here Major Developments in December 2019 First cargo from Elba Island. First cargo to Bangladesh. Cameron and Freeport continue ramp-up. Top Five Destinations in December 2019 So. Korea, 38.1 bcf United Kingdom, 29.7 bcf Japan, 21.2 bcf France, 14.8 bcf Spain, 13.9 bcf Others: Netherlands, Italy, […]

November 19, 2019

Freeport Train 1 Imminent

Freeport: FERC Permission Sought to Put Train 1 into Service In a letter to FERC, “Freeport LNG states that it has filed all documentation required by FERC staff and the Orders to demonstrate readiness for Train 1 and the common facilities to be placed into service. In this regard, Freeport LNG respectfully requests authorization to […]

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