Negotiations Needed to End Tariffs Dispute

LNG Allies Urges “Serious, High-Level Negotiations” to End US-China Tariff Dispute

WASHINGTON — August 3, 2018 — Bloomberg reports ( ) that China could levy “duties ranging from 5% to 25% . . . on 5,207 kinds of American imports if the U.S. delivers its proposed taxes on another $200 billion of Chinese goods, the Ministry of Finance said in a statement on its website.” Per the Bloomberg story, 25% duties could be levied on “2,400 products such as meat, wine, and LNG [liquefied natural gas].”

Fred H. Hutchison, President & CEO of LNG Allies, had this reaction: “This move by the Chinese to add LNG to the list of possible retaliatory tariffs is an unwelcome but not wholly unexpected development. It is imperative that the United States and China begin serious, high-level negotiations to resolve the complicated issues—which, by the way, are wholly unrelated to energy—that lie beneath the current tariff dispute. The United States will be a major supplier of LNG for the Chinese market and China will be one of the leading markets for U.S. natural gas. All parties need to keep these fundamental facts in mind as they work through the present difficulties, which have nothing to do with energy trade between our two nations.”

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LNG Allies is a nonprofit organization working to expedite and maximize LNG exports to create U.S. jobs and economic growth, enhance the energy security of America’s allies, and improve human and environmental conditions worldwide.

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