Natural Gas Annual Report Released

EIA’s Natural Gas Annual Report for 2018
The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) released its 2018 NGA yesterday (Oct. 31). Key findings: (1) Dry natural gas production in 2018 was 30.6 trillion cubic feet (tcf), or 83.8 billion cubic feet per day (bcf/d) and 12.0% higher than the 2017’s 74.8 bcf/d; (2) Deliveries of natural gas to consumers in 2018 were 27.5 Tcf, or 75.4 Bcf/d, an increase of 10.8% from 2017 deliveries… all five sectors (residential, commercial, industrial, vehicle fuel, and electric power) saw an increase—residential +13.2%, commercial +11.1%, industrial +5.4%, electric power +14.3%; (3) For the second consecutive year, the United States was a natural gas net exporter in 2018, exporting 719 bcf more natural gas than it imported; (4) Total exports of natural gas were 3,607 bcf, an increase of 14.4%. Link to Content

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