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CBS: EXIM Bank Nominees Announced

President Trump announced (Apr. 14) his intent to nominate: (1) Scott Garrett (New Jersey) to be president of the Export-Import Bank (EXIM Bank) for a term of four years expiring Jan. 20, 2021; and (2) Spencer T. Bachus III of Alabama, to be a member of the EXIM Bank’s board of directors for a term […]

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Perry: Exporting LNG Makes Good Sense

Darius Dixon (Politico) writes: Federal policy has “artificially affected supply and demand” of liquefied natural gas, Energy secretary-designee Rick Perry said today, endorsing LNG exports. Maine Sen. Angus King aired concerns at Perry’s confirmation hearing that if the Energy Department approved too many LNG export applications, it would harm Americans economically by increasing domestic natural […]

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