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LNG Allies Supports Small-Scale Rule

LNG Allies Supports Final DOE Rule to Expedite Small-Scale LNG Export Projects WASHINGTON — July 24, 2018 —The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today made public its final rule to issue, “without modification or delay,” small-scale permits to export of liquefied natural gas (LNG). Thus, the new rule covers both countries which have free trade […]

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Rep. Higgins Introduces LNG Bill

Rep. Clay Higgins (R-Louisiana) today introduced H.R. 3367, “to remove barriers placed on U.S. exporters so they can quickly access the market and meet the global demand of natural gas.” Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-Louisiana) is the main Senate sponsor. The bill would amend the Natural Gas Act to require all LNG export license requests to […]

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LNG Allies: Sierra Club Files Brief in LNG Case

Appeals Court Briefed in Fifth Challenge to non-FTA Authorizations The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit received a brief (Apr. 10) from attorneys representing the Sierra Club in the organization’s fifth challenge (Case No. 16-426) of a DOE LNG decision. (This one to authorize Cheniere’s Sabine Pass Liquefaction to export the maximum amount of […]

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Argus: Cove Point Test Cargoes

Cove Point LNG Seeks DOE Approval to Export Test Cargoes (Argus) Argus reports (Apr. 12) that Dominion wants to export test cargoes from the Cove Point LNG terminal it is completing near Lusby, Maryland… and has applied to DOE for a license to export up to a gas equivalent of 250 billion cubic feet (Bcf_, […]

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Perry: Exporting LNG Makes Good Sense

Darius Dixon (Politico) writes: Federal policy has “artificially affected supply and demand” of liquefied natural gas, Energy secretary-designee Rick Perry said today, endorsing LNG exports. Maine Sen. Angus King aired concerns at Perry’s confirmation hearing that if the Energy Department approved too many LNG export applications, it would harm Americans economically by increasing domestic natural […]

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WaPo: Editorial for U.S. LNG Exports

In an editorial (Natural Gas Exports Offer Much to the U.S. Economy) The Washington Post editorial board notes that “the boom in natural-gas production has been a dazzling bright spot,” and goes on to enumerate some specific benefits: A potentially significant reduction in the U.S. trade deficit, which would mean less need for the United […]

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