Africa’s Clean Energy Future with Gas

Why Gas Should Be Part of Africa’s Clean Energy Future (WEF)
Mark Thurber and Todd Moss (July 23): Blocking funding for gas energy projects in Africa may seem like sensible climate policy, but this is not the case. Such an approach could hinder countries’ development and slow the transition to clean energy. Here are a dozen reasons why it would be a poor move: (1) Banning gas in Africa won’t be effective in fighting climate change. (2) The continent’s energy needs are enormous and urgent. (3) Climate resilience requires more energy, not less. (4) Gas-fired power plants are modular and inexpensive. (5) Gas is an ideal fuel for industry. (6) The continent has plentiful gas. (7) Higher income countries are expanding their use of gas. (8) Intermittent renewables are essential, but they can’t (yet) do it all. (9) Gas pairs especially well with wind and solar as a technology and a financial model. (10) Gas doesn’t cause significant outdoor air pollution. (11) Gas helps solve the indoor air pollution problem. (12) Innovation can position gas to support a future zero-carbon energy system. Link to Content

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