Five Senate Dems Send LNG Letter to Obama

On Friday May 2, five Democratic senators—Mark Udall (CO), Mary Landrieu (LA), Tom Udall (NM), Mark Begich (AK), and Heidi Heitkamp (ND)—sent a joint letter to President Obama urging him to “instruct DOE to commit to act upon the pending LNG export permits as soon as possible.”

The letter outlined five steps that the senators said could “accelerate” the approval process:

  • Placing additional weight on national security considerations. We appreciate that DOE already considers the geopolitical and national security impact of each application. Given the crisis in Eastern Europe, DOE should give further weight to this consideration.
  • Devoting additional resources to the approval process. To ensure that any administrative bottlenecks are eliminated, DOE should devote such resources as required to rapidly process the remaining applications for which the public comment periods have closed.
  • Giving accelerated consideration to projects that have already made serious capital commitments, particularly those that have made significant progress or completed the [Federal Energy Regulatory Commission] FERC or [Maritime Administration] MARAD process.
  • Prioritizing those applications [which] have already made significant capital investments.
  • Making a timely decision for new applications once the comment period has ended. There should not be years between the comment period ending and a decision being reached.

Full text of letter: Click Here.

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