EU-US Energy Council Meets in Brussels

The E.U.– U.S. Energy Council met for its fifth annual session in Brussels on Wed. April 2. In opening remarks, Secretary of State John Kerry said: “The difficulties of the recent days underscore the imperative to what brings us here today: energy security—not just for Ukraine but all across Europe… [And that] requires a major amount of transatlantic cooperation and transatlantic leadership… It really boils down to this: No nation should use energy to stymie a people’s aspirations… We can’t allow it to be used as a political weapon or as an instrument for aggression. So we are taking important steps today in order to make it far more difficult for people to deploy that tool.

The joint statement issued after the meeting made these key points:

  • Developments in Ukraine have brought energy security concerns to the fore and prove the need to reinforce energy security in Europe.
  • The Council underscored that energy relations with Russia must be based on reciprocity, transparency, fairness, non-discrimination, openness to competition and continued cooperation to ensure a level playing field for the safe and secure supply of energy.
  • The Council further welcomed the prospect of U.S. LNG exports in the future since additional global supplies will benefit Europe and other strategic partners.
  • The Council also welcomed the negotiations towards a comprehensive and ambitious Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) whose early conclusion would further underscore the strategic significance of the transatlantic relationship.
  • The Council affirmed its commitment to support the E.U.’s efforts to rapidly complete an integrated, common European energy market to bring the benefit of greater energy security and more competitive energy prices to all Member States and neighboring states in the Energy Community.

For the entire statement: Click Here.

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