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EU Green Deal
July 30, 2020

CGEP Commentary EU Green Deal

Warsaw, Brussels, and Europe’s Green Deal (CGEP) Jonathan Elkind and Damian Bednarz (July 30): Prospects for the proposed European Green Deal—a top EU priority despite the headwinds from the global pandemic—require accommodating both the “climate ambitious” policy makers in Brussels, Berlin, and several other EU capitals and the “climate cautious” leaders in Warsaw and other […]

Carbon Border Adjustment Tax
July 27, 2020

Carbon Border Taxes Are Unjust

Carbon Border Taxes Are Unjust (Technology Review) Arvind P. Ravikumar (July 27): The EU’s economic recovery plan is notable for its focus on climate action, sustainable investments, and a just transition fund. As part of this deal, the EU is also proposing a carbon border adjustment, also known as a carbon border tax, on imports […]

EU Green Deal
July 22, 2020

EU Climate Policy Developments

Climate Policy Endures Rough EU Budget Summit (Euractiv) After nearly five days of negotiations, heads of state and government brokered a compromise on the EU’s next long-term €1.8 trillion mega-budget, which will include a €750 billion pandemic recovery fund. Significant compromises had to be made in order for all 27 leaders to agree on the […]

European Union
July 17, 2020

Borchardt Interview on EGD

EU Methane Emission Rules Key to Gas, LNG, Hydrogen Future (S&P) Siobhan Hall (July 17): The European Commission’s deputy director-general for energy, Klaus-Dieter Borchardt, told S&P Global Platts in an interview that if the industry’s methane “problem is not solved, natural gas will have a very, very difficult future, and in the short term, not […]

European Union
June 30, 2020

Gas Pathway to EU Carbon Neutrality

James Watson (June 30): Eurogas commissioned a study from DNV GL “to demonstrate there are many different pathways to 2050, but we wanted to establish which would be the most affordable way. Decarbonized and renewable molecules will help us reach the European Commission’s (EC’s) 2050 Climate Neutrality Ambition in a more cost effective way than […]

European Union
June 26, 2020

EU Missing Climate Goal

EU Green Deal: EU Lagging Behind on Climate Goal Samuel Petrequin (June 22): The EU’s statistical office says the 27-nation bloc is lagging behind its goals in the fight against climate change … In a report published Mon. (June 22) assessing the EU’s progress in reaching the UNs’ sustainable development goals, Eurostat noted … only […]

EU Green Deal
June 25, 2020

EU ‘All Renewable’ Hydrogen Opposed

Industry Alliance Rebels Against ‘All-Renewable’ Hydrogen (EURACTIV) Frédéric Simon (June 25): A group of industries have rebelled against EU plans to prioritize renewables-based hydrogen, saying gas-based hydrogen should also be promoted in order to ramp up production volumes in the early stages of development. The EU’s current definition of “clean hydrogen” is too narrow and […]

European Union
June 24, 2020

LNG in EU Transition

LNG Can Play Key Role in Europe’s Energy Transition (The EU Parliament Magazine) Zdzisław Krasnodebski, MEP (June 24): LNG is playing an increasingly important role on Europe’s energy landscape. Over the last two years, LNG imports to the EU have doubled, while its share of total EU gas imports has increased from 12% in 2018 […]

EU Green Deal
May 22, 2020

Eight EU Countries Back Gas During Transition

EU Green Deal: Eight EU States Back ‘Natural Gas’ In Net-Zero Transition (EURACTIV) Frédéric Simon (May 22): In a joint paper, a group of eight EU nations calls for “combined electricity – gas solutions” in the transition to net-zero emissions by 2050. “A transition based solely on renewable energy sources does not consider the need […]

Energy Security
February 16, 2016

Beginning of the Beginning

In the current global energy price environment, it is difficult to see the ocean for the waves. But, the likely confluence of events this month—release of the European Commission’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) strategy on Feb. 16 and the first exports of LNG from the continental United States since the early 1960s—provide an opportune time […]

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