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GIIGNL: 2017 Annual Report

The International Group of Liquefied Natural Gas Importers (GIIGNL) issued its 2017 Annual Report today and a number of statistics grabbed my attention… Imports: 263.6 million tons of LNG were imported in 2016 (a 7.5% increase vs. 2015); 39 total LNG importing countries; 4 new importing countries and 11 new LNG regasification terminals; 73% of […]

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IGU: Enabling Clean Marine Transport

The International Gas Union (IGU) has released a report for the G20 Energy Sustainability Working Group: Enabling Clean Marine Transport. Key Takeaways: While marine transportation is the most carbon-efficient mode of transport, in terms of CO2 emitted per unit of cargo, compared to road, air, or rail, the massive scale of shipping activities generates significant SO2, […]

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CGEP: Changing Global Gas Order

Dr. Tim Boersma (Senior Research Scholar) and Dr. Tatiana Mitrova (Fellow), two energy analysts from Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy, recently penned an eight-page, wide-ranging paper entitled A Changing Global Gas Order. This is a quick and worthy read, but those of you looking for the nuggets, here goes: The U.S. shale energy […]

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Clemente: Importance of U.S. LNG Exports

Forbes contributor Jude Clemente wrote yesterday about “The Importance Of U.S. Oil And Natural Gas Exports.” While there’s lots to like in his article, I was really taken by his “U.S. Oil and Gas Export Profile.” Clemente points out that the United States is now exporting… 5  million barrels per day of crude and oil […]

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Kehoe: Lessons from the U.S. for Australia

John Kehoe, North America Correspondent for the Australian Financial Review, wrote a piece today that caught my attention: Lessons from the US for Australia’s Energy Crisis. Kehoe pointed out how the United States won’t suffer from the gas shortage issues that Australia faces. His key points: The United States has an incredible national natural gas pipeline […]

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Timera: U.S. LNG Exports and Europe

London-based Timera Energy published a client brief today entitled: “U.S. [LNG] Export Flows, the Supply Glut, and Europe.” Timera observes that: “Europe is playing a ‘behind the scenes role’ in supporting the LNG market. U.S. export volumes are being priced, optimised, and hedged based on European hub price signals.” U.S. cargo flow decisions are strongly influenced by […]

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