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DOE Changes LNG Review Process

The Department of Energy (DOE) at noon today announced that it will dramatically alter the way it has been considering applications for licenses to export liquefied natural gas (LNG) to nations with which the United States does not have a free trade agreement (FTA).  Key excerpts from the announcement: “Today, in order to reflect changing […]

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EU Releases Energy Security Strategy

The European Commission released its EU Energy Security Strategy, which is designed to respond “to the political crisis in Ukraine” and the need to provide “a stable and abundant supply of energy for the EU’s citizens and economy.” It proposes action in five key areas: Increasing energy efficiency and reaching the proposed 2030 energy and […]

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Two Months Between Decisions is Too Long

Today, May 24, marks the two month anniversary of the last natural gas export application approved by the U. S. Department of Energy (DOE). At this rate (about six decisions per year) and assuming that the next decision is imminent, it will take DOE at least four more years to dispose of the 24 applications now […]

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Senate Deadlock Stops LNG Amendment

Sen. John Barrosso (R-WY) and other supporters of a bill to expedite applications to export liquefied natural gas (LNG) to nations without free trade agreements (FTAs) with the United States have been blocked from offering their bill as an amendment to an energy measure that the Senate had been debating for more than a week. […]

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Lithuania Uses LNG “Leverage”

Lithuanian utility Lietuvos Dujos said that it has won “cheaper gas” from Gazprom until the end of 2015. “Lietuvos Dujos has entered into an agreement with Gazprom that involves a significant reduction in the price of natural gas,” the company said in a statement to the stock exchange in Vilnius. The announcement on prices came […]

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G7 Energy Ministers Issue Statement

U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz met with energy ministers from the other G7 nations (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom) in Rome on May 5 and 6 “to discuss ways to strengthen collective energy security.” The joint statement issued after the meeting includes the following key points: Energy should not […]

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Five Senate Dems Send LNG Letter to Obama

On Friday May 2, five Democratic senators—Mark Udall (CO), Mary Landrieu (LA), Tom Udall (NM), Mark Begich (AK), and Heidi Heitkamp (ND)—sent a joint letter to President Obama urging him to “instruct DOE to commit to act upon the pending LNG export permits as soon as possible.” The letter outlined five steps that the senators […]

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