This page contains a library of reports and studies about natural gas and LNG trade. It also contains transcripts from certain events hosted by LNG Allies and other organizations. (U.S. Date Format: Year-Month-Day)

2018-04-17Calculating the Benefits of US LNG ExportsLNG Allies, ICF
2018-03-29OIES: Quarterly Gas Review (Q1 2018)Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
2018-03-28Prices and Crisis – LNG and Australia’s East Coast Gas MarketOxford Institute for Energy Studies
2018-03-07Norwegian Gas Exports – Assessment of Resources and Supply to 2035Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
2018-03-05Gazprom in EuropeOxford Institute for Energy Studies
2018-02-26Shell LNG Outlook 2018Royal Dutch Shell
2018-02-06Annual Energy Outlook 2018U.S. Energy Information Administration
2018-01-30Future Prospects for LNG Demand in GhanaOxford Institute for Energy Studies
2018-01-26Is U.S. LNG Different? Taking Stock after Two YearsCenter for Strategic and International Studies
2018-01-18Gas Supply Changes in TurkeyOxford Institute for Energy Studies
2018-01-15Strategic Directions: Natural Gas Industry ReportBlack & Veatch
2018-01-12China Seeks More Term SupplyPoten & Partners
2017-12-05Future of the Central & Eastern European Gas MarketGastech Insights (DMG)
2017-11-12Potential Market for LNG in the Caribbean and Central AmericaOxford Institute for Energy Studies
2017-11-06Completion Design Changes and the Impact on US Shale Well ProductivityOxford Institute for Energy Studies
2017-11-01U.S. Natural Gas in the Global EconomyCenter for Strategic and International Studies
2017-10-03Impact of LNG Exports on the U.S. Economy: A Brief UpdateAmerican Petroleum Institute , ICF
2017-09-14U.S. LNG: Opportunity Becoming RealityKinder Morgan
2017-06-26India’s Gas Market Post-COP21Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
2017-06-09Gas, Renewables & Power in AfricaOxford Institute for Energy Studies
2017-04-24Turkey’s Gas Demand DeclineOxford Institute for Energy Studies
2017-04-14Qatar Lifts its LNG MoratoriumOxford Institute for Energy Studies
2017-04-06The Vanishing LNG Market in BrazilOxford Institute for Energy Studies
2017-03-27 2017 GIILNG Annual ReportInternational Group of Liquefied Natural Gas Importers
2017-03-22Enabling Clean Marine TransportInternational Gas Union
2017-03-06Gas-to-Power Supply Chains in Developing CountriesOxford Institute for Energy Studies
2017-01-252017 BP Energy OutlookBP p.l.c.
2016-11-162016 World Energy OutlookInternational Energy Agency
2016-10-26South American Gas Markets and the Role of LNGOxford Institute for Energy Studies
2016-10-03Unconventional Gas in Argentina: Will it become a Game Changer?Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
2016-09-05Lithuania’s Strategic Use of EU Energy Policy Tools: A Transformation of Gas Market DynamicsOxford Institute for Energy Studies
2016-08-05Energy Relations between Russia and ChinaOxford Institute for Energy Studies
2016-06-012016 Energy PerspectivesStatoil ASA
2016-05-23Algerian Gas: Troubling Trends, Troubled PoliciesOxford Institute for Energy Studies
2016-05-07The Future of Natural Gas: Markets and GeopoliticsIstituto Affari Internazionali, OCP Policy Center
2016-04-28U.S. LNG Exports and European Energy SecurityAtlantic Council
2016-03-14Asian LNG Demand: Key Drivers and OutlookOxford Institute for Energy Studies
2016-02-10Developing a Western Energy Strategy for the Black Sea Region and BeyondAtlantic Council
2016-02-08How U.S. LNG Exports Will Benefit European and Global Gas SupplyAtlantic Council
2016-01-20Surging Liquefied Natural Gas TradeAtlantic Council
2015-11-16Natural Gas in China – A Regional AnalysisOxford Institute for Energy Studies
2015-10-05LNG and Coal Life Cycle Assessment of Greenhouse Gas EmissionsCenter for Liquefied Natural Gas
2015-04-30Introduction of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in Central AmericaWorld Bank
2014-06-01Out With the Old and In With the New: Modernizing LNG RegulationsUniversity of Colorado
2013-06-01Leveraging Natural Gas to Reduce Greenhouse Gas EmissionsCenter for Climate and Energy Solutions
2012-06-13A Strategy for U.S. Natural Gas ExportsBrookings

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