This page contains a library of reports and studies about natural gas and LNG trade. It also contains transcripts from certain events hosted by LNG Allies and other organizations. (U.S. Date Format: Year-Month-Day)

2017-01-252017 BP Energy OutlookBP p.l.c.
2017-03-27 2017 GIILNG Annual ReportInternational Group of Liquefied Natural Gas Importers
2017-03-22Enabling Clean Marine TransportInternational Gas Union
2016-11-162016 World Energy OutlookInternational Energy Agency
2016-06-012016 Energy PerspectivesStatoil ASA
2016-05-07The Future of Natural Gas: Markets and GeopoliticsIstituto Affari Internazionali, OCP Policy Center
2016-04-28U.S. LNG Exports and European Energy SecurityAtlantic Council
2016-02-10Developing a Western Energy Strategy for the Black Sea Region and BeyondAtlantic Council
2016-02-08How U.S. LNG Exports Will Benefit European and Global Gas SupplyAtlantic Council
2016-01-20Surging Liquefied Natural Gas TradeAtlantic Council
2015-10-05LNG and Coal Life Cycle Assessment of Greenhouse Gas EmissionsCenter for Liquefied Natural Gas
2013-06-01Leveraging Natural Gas to Reduce Greenhouse Gas EmissionsCenter for Climate and Energy Solutions

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