Poland’s Under Secretary of State in US

Poland’s Under Secretary of State for Non-European Policy and Economic Diplomacy, Katarzyna Kacperczyk, was in the United States March 31-April 1, where she held talks on energy security, cooperation in gas extraction and exploitation, support for reforms in Ukraine, and energy solidarity.

At a private event hosted by the Atlantic Council, she said: “We should strive to ensure that Europe has secure energy sources in the coming years… [A stronger] energy dialogue between Poland and the U.S. can go a long way towards supporting the avenues of this cooperation.”

Kacperczyk also met with Deputy Secretary of Energy Daniel Poneman (with whom she discussed prospects for energy cooperation between Poland, the E.U. and the U.S.), America’s National Gas Alliance, and officials a at the Department of State. The talks covered progress on negotiating the E.U.– U.S. free trade deal (TTIP), which features an energy market liberalization component.

The Polish delegation also traveled to Dominion’s Cove Point LNG terminal in Maryland. Potential LNG exports from the United States are seen as a way to make gas supplies to Europe, including Poland, more secure and diversified. “Liberalization of LNG trade between the U.S. and Europe would ensure a freer energy policy, one that would be less dependent on external political factors, and a wider diversification of our energy mix,” pointed out Kacperczyk.