E&E: FERC Faces Constitutional Challenges

Ellen M. Gilmer reports in today’s (July 28) EnergyWire: “A group of Virginia landowners July 27 asked the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Virginia to block FERC from allowing the Mountain Valley pipeline to use eminent domain for the 300-mile line to cross from northern West Virginia to southern Virginia. The lawsuit is a sweeping challenge to FERC’s standard process for granting pipeline operators the power of eminent domain for projects that receive a ‘public convenience and necessity’ stamp of approval.” The story goes on to report:

A similar lawsuit is moving forward involving the 255-mile Nexus pipeline in Ohio, where landowners have argued that the pipeline will transport natural gas destined for export and therefore does not serve a public use or purpose.

Whole Story (Paywall): Click Here.

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