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    The Polish Oil & Gas Co. (PGNiG) and Cheniere Energy have announced a spot cargo sale that will be the first U.S. LNG delivery to Central Europe.

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U.S. LNG to Central Europe (Finally!)

In a news release (Apr. 27), the Polish Oil and Gas Co. (PGNiG) said: “The first cargo of LNG from a U.S. supplier is planned to arrive at the President Lech Kaczyński LNG Terminal in Świnoujście. The spot cargo will be delivered by Cheniere Energy, [and] is the first delivery of LNG from a U.S. […]

Golden Pass Is Golden at Last

In a long-awaited development, Golden Pass Products (GPP) finally received a non-FTA export authorization from the Department of Energy (DOE) earlier this week (Apr. 25). This was a notable event for several reasons: This was the first non-FTA authorization issued by the Trump Administration. The time lag between final authorization by the Federal Energy Regulatory […]

White House Will Permit More LNG

Gary Cohn, director of the Trump administration’s National Economic Council, participated in the IIF 2017 Washington Policy Summit on Apr. 20. Cohn (a former Goldman Sachs Group president) made statements concerning the policy of the White House with respect to U.S. LNG exports. Bloomberg has posted a three minute video of Cohn’s Apr. 20 remarks, […]

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